Mandy Muse is posing as an art model for Markus Dupree, but she?s pissed when she sees the final result: there?s no WAY her ass is that big! Markus assures her that he may have exaggerated for artistic effect, but she should be proud to have the bold beautiful ass that inspired him to draw her. Her ass is his muse! Mandy is swayed by his impassioned testament to her ass, and allows him to seek a bit more ?inspiration? in her curves.
After catching Kira Noir fucking his girlfriend, Johnny Sins wants her out of the house - now! She?s getting ready to leave with a nice steamy shower when he catches sight of her soaping up, and as much as he hates to admit it, he kind of gets where Sailor Luna was coming from? That body could turn anyone on! Johnny interrupts her shower session, and the admiration goes both ways as she notices his big dick. Sailor Luna catches them in the middle of a steamy shower session, but decides that she can?t really be that mad - she just wants to be included!
Once she has decided not to devote more to pornography, Karma RX gets a job as a waitress in a cafe. He loves discreet and relaxed work in which he can talk calmly with "civilians". She is recognized by Xander Corvus, who tries to convince her to return to the pornographic industry. At first she is not very convinced, but yields to convincing arguments. How can she resist a big hard cock?
Teenager Alina Lopez is fed up and tired of her stepmother's misbehavior. Alina knows with certainty that Cherie Deville is cheating on her father and that she has no idea how to stop her stepmother. Alina decides it's time for an intervention, on live television! Alina brings Cherie to a popular daytime talk show in an attempt to solve her problems with the help of the host, Dr. Isiah. However, Cherie has something very, very different in mind ...
Joanna Angel worships in the temple of the cock. The girl is willing to do all sorts of things to be comfortable, including dripping hot wax all over her body before being tied by Xander, a hooded figure who knows exactly what she has been waiting for, a big thick cock in her delicious and juicy ass.
Sailor Luna has matured and left her college sexual life, now she has a house and a boyfriend for herself. After receiving a call from one of her former classmates, Sailor can not help having good memories of what she left behind. When her boyfriend Johnny Sins begins to get jealous, she relieves her worries with a blowjob. However, when Kira Noir comes, she realizes that her fears are not completely unfounded. Kira is angry because Sailor seems to have abandoned "lifestyle" and accuses her of never having liked girls. Sailor protests, and Kira sees if it has really changed with ...
See how Honey Gold is, of course, at the height of its name, as it is bathed in luxurious gold, oil and jewelry. The high gloss metallic satin sheets complement your perfect skin and brunette while making fun of you, showing her tits and moving her ass before joining Johnny Sins for a very hot and luxuriously wet fuck.
On the surface, Alena Croft seems like a happy mother and a great woman. But beneath that surface there is a MILF hungry for cocks that will not let anything get between her and a good fuck. Then, when she catches her daughter's cute new boyfriend trying to sneak out of her house, she rushes forward. Van can not resist the big XXL TITS of his girlfriend's mom, and does not hesitate a second to please an older woman.
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Krissy Lynn loves to redecorate her house. Although only a few months ago, he considered that carpets of any kind were incredibly tacky, recently Krissy had a change of mind. Although her husband is not completely convinced of the idea, he is willing to endure the redesign of interiors that his wife intends. When her young neighbor, Xander, shows them a piece of rug for the couple to try, Krissy is instantly intrigued: she has not seen Xander since she left for college and, alas! Has grown. Krissy expects Xander to appreciate a good old-fashioned carpet as much as she does ... because she's about to lower her panties and take a look at hers.
Anna Bell hangs her panties on the line to dry and goes in to make a phone call. While talking in the kitchen, he sees a thief stealing his panties. Anna goes out and catches the thief named Ashly Anderson on the spot. Anna drags Ashly inside her house and ties her with a rope. He teaches the naughty girl a lesson by making her crawl on the floor and kiss her feet. Feeling generous, Anna decides to reward Ashly for her good behavior by fucking her with a big dildo.