My new Russian student Gina Gerson had seen the FDS tutorials online, so she signed up to get her lessons. Gina wanted to drive an automatic car, and had no idea what a clutch or gearshift was. We couldn't do much in the car, and she didn't like me checking the football scores, so I brought her back to the testing center to go over the basics. As I was explaining, Gina interrupted me to tell me she had no friends in the UK and was feeling lonely. She asked me if I liked her as a woman, then kissed me! I gave her a proper welcome to the UK by fingering her fast and eating her pussy, then Gina bounced her ass up and down on my cock and let me cum on her face!
My student today was Diverse Stacey, a rough-looking redhead woman wearing a leather jacket. Stacey seemed quite reserved, nodding when I showed her the steering wheel and gear lever. Stacey explained to me that she had been driving for 20 years, and that she was only here for a mandatory refresher course. It turns out that Stacey had been fined for speeding while using a vibrator in her pussy, so if she did not pass this course, she would lose her job. She offered to show what she was doing when she was caught and the next thing I knew was that she was sucking my dick, and then she put my shifter in her pussy! Diversey Stacy worked my cock, then swallowed my sperm in exchange for a second lesson.
I'm Barbie Sins and today I had to examine Axel Aces for the driver's license. Traffic is investigating me for unprofessional behavior, so it was determined that I would have to do it well with each student. I realized that Axel wanted to fuck me, and I did everything possible to remain very professional, he did quite well in the exam, but it was his lovemaking that really interested me. At the end of the test I could not contain myself anymore, I needed to fuck him. I pulled out my big tits, and his big cock entering my pussy was worth the risk of an imminent dismissal.
I'd had enough of Ryan always getting me in trouble, so I rang the FDS exam board and decided to get myself certified as an instructor. Ryan was in the car with Katy and I before the examination, and the pipsqueak wouldn't shut up. Take the hint Ryan, both Katy and I are angry with you! After some protest, we dropped my ?friend's? ass off so the instructor examination... Free Porn
I was back in the car with Barbie Sins, and she was demanding to take her test. I tried to warn her, we might've had 10 lessons together but we spent that time fucking , not driving. Barbie persisted in being allowed to test, so hey, not my circus, especially since she's been threatening to reveal my online activities to the bosses. Barbie said she would do whatever she could to pass... Free Porn
It was a hot day. A bloody hot day. The heat wave was making people do crazy things, so when Alessa Savage got into my car wearing shorts so small her ass hung out, I understood. I'm usually dressed up smart myself, but as I was wearing shorts instead of trousers due to the ... [bl]Free Porn[/b]
Hay que pagar las practicas de conducir y que mejor forma es hacerlo echando un buen polvazo, esto es lo que hizo Alexxa Vice que con su cuerpazo increible, un culazo de escandalo y unas tetorras que quitan el hipo, deja que le revienten el ojete para terminar con sus deudas. Free Porn
I had had a bit too much fun at the pub the night before and was still hungover when it was time to go pick up Barbie Sins for her lesson. I was really feeling rough from last night's party as I made my way to pick up Barbie, but because of the recent social media links and whatnot I didn't want to get into trouble by cancelling. Free Porn
My student Alexxa Vice is hot as fuck. Let's just put that out there. I think she's catching on that I will miss her when she's gone. Maybe I was a little too hard on her for over-revving. I thought we had a good repport, and she would like to stay on for maybe three or four or five more lessons, but ... Free Porn
I was scheduled to examine student Harmony Reigns today, but when I got into the testing car, the luscious learner confessed that she'd only had one lesson from Ryan Ryder after which they'd fucked, and he ran off on her! Of course, I liked her instantly. Mostly because she called Ryan things like prick, asshole, and nerd. But also because I'd always had a fantasy about being manhandled by a proper prison dyke. Since there was no way she could get through... Free Porn
I met Max early this morning to bring him for his second driving test. The poor bloke was set up to be examined by Jasmine Jae again, so I wanted to remind him not to make eye contact, or say too much. But when Jasmine knocked on the car window, she was all smiles, and asking us how we were, saying it was a lovely day! I admit the whole thing made me nervous... Free Porn