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It's a hot red dress for a red hot model as this sexy leggy brunette shows up to make her very first adult video! She's a little nervous about it as the girls usually are but she's excited to check a few things off her bucket list; she seems like she's mainly making her first porno for the actual experience of it all (though the money doesn't hurt!) and is excited to get out of her home town and see the country a bit flying out to the west coast.
This drop dead stunning girl is ready to make her very first adult video and I would assume that every single one of us is ready for her to do so as well haha! She doesn't seem quite as nervous as a lot of the girls do when they show up at Girls Do's always different from girl to girl I guess. This particular chick has done a few phone videos and things like that (and mentions that she's masturbated to her own videos a few times, which is pretty funny and also sexy as hell).
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