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Alyssia Kent can not lose her mind, she is without work, she is running out of money and she has disconnected from her friends and also from her family. But she is also a terrible tenant. It has been delayed several months with payments, is noisy until late at night and has even damaged some aesthetic elements of the building. To be honest, the place is a disaster! He's starting to smell, he has a dog (which was not allowed in the contract) and Mike is fed up. He wants you to leave. But Alyssia is stubborn and refuses to leave. She is also a bitch, and she knows how to use her body and knows how to get what she wants! Unfortunately, our tenant does not support any kind of sexual intercourse. Alyssia is beautiful, do not get me wrong, but is money money? Instead, Mike has brought in a new tenant named Chris. This will be a tragic awakening for Alyssia and they will make her act together and she will have to pay, or they will leave with nothing. Or maybe this whore will find a way to make sure that if Chris runs, he stays!
I found my friend, Jessy, eating Hadley Viscara in the hall. As usual, she looked fantastic, she had that kind of innocent look, but secretly dirty, you know? In a moment she realizes that she could go from being a common girl to an insatiable bitch. Not to mention that body with natural Tits, real curves, hips that you could grab and fuck without compassion. At first she seemed interested in letting Jessy join her for a study session, but she must have done something wrong because as soon as I showed up, her enthusiasm died. Poor guy, and he probably does not even know what he did! She simply shrugged. Without reason! I try to cheer up Jessy a bit, but he is distracted as usual. No idea what sometimes goes through his head. He was gone for a while, and I think the poor guy expected her to come back, wait? What? She sent you a picture? Hears! Let me see that damn thing!
Maddie Winters is an innocent young girl who wants to play the piano as Mozart, but her new teacher, Charles, has a reputation for using unconventional methods. Even though Maddie is ready for the challenge, this young woman does not know how to react when her teacher puts her hand on her thigh and shows her the right technique. Maddie admits that she is curious to touch her first cock, so she shows him her instrument before opening her blouse and discovering how eager she is to play with her organ. Charles realizes that Maddie is more skilled with her tongue than with her fingers before laying her on the piano like a great whore of classical tradition. Charles gives this beginner a lesson so he knows what music is.
At a party of the producer Reality Kings you can look where you want to always see an incredible female. We have girls doing the typical Hawaiian valet, the Hula, topless, we also have the juiciest asses playing beer pong, we have totally naked girls doing twerking in a jacuzzi, we have lesbians kissing in the pool, well, you get the idea. In this party finale our boy Ricky convinces Ashly Anderson to come out of his shell. She's a bit more reserved than the other partygoers, and confesses that she's a little hesitant and nervous: everyone else feels comfortable being naked in public, but it's not about that! Well, maybe it just needs a bit of persuasion and consolation? We all know by their scenes ...
They knocked on the door and Cory went to see who was calling, and her silk robe let us see an almost perfect body. He lets Blair through, making sure that Jmac has not heard. As soon as the door closes, Cory puts Blair against the wall and begins to run her body with her hands. He kisses Blair hard and slides his fingers inside her wet pussy. With his collegiate uniform, Blair seems to be the target that yearns for Cory. Older women slowly enter the girl's panties, pressing her face between her soft buttocks while moving her tongue along his ass. But, Cory does not want to be the only one who works. She takes Blair to the couch for easier access. The teenager goes to work burying her face ...
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