March 15 at 12:07 P.M. - Case # 9857321 - Robbery: The Suspect and her mother were caught by the guards trying to hide some items. The LP agent had heard about this duo for recent robberies in the city. The suspects were arrested, and the youngest suspect was interrogated first. The suspect finally stated that his mother, who had a record of all his thefts. In order to save these thieves in jail time, the LP officer made sure to provide them with something to discourage them from being labrones from now until forever. Evidence registered on March 15, 2017.
March 8 at 3:19 p.m. - Case # 4075731 - Petty Theft - The suspect was surprised by the store worker. The LP officer was alerted and escorted the suspect to the LP office. By checking the suspect, he seemed to have enough cash to pay for the item he had stolen. After finding out more about the reasons for the theft, the LP agent hoping the thief would never steal again informed him of the charges. Evidence registered on March 8.
You already know how these scenes of "Shoplyfter" work, young girls who are caught stealing fragrant, those who are in a room of those children where they are held until they confess the crime, but of course, many times resist and try everything be forgotten, some of them even offering their body as a payment currency, is the case of Isabella Nice, a very beautiful young brunette who seems sorry for her actions, the guard custody swears to forget everything, and she She accepts like a bitch, kneeling to do a saber cleaning, and fucking like a condemned.
January 18 at 2:29 p.m. M. - Case # 74578288 - Robbery: the suspect was seen by the camera stealing goods of very high price. The LP officer alerted the clerks that the suspect was stuck. The police and the suspect's father were called. The father of the suspect appeared asking for the release of his son. After hours of negotiations, the father and the LP officer were able to strike a fair deal to save their daughter from jail. Evidence registered on January 18, 2017.
February 22 at 9:02 a. M. - Case # 5731619 - Robbery: Suspect and accomplice were captured by the LP officer after a suspicious move throughout the store. Identifications of the thieves went through the store theft system. The male suspect had a record, the female was clean. The male suspect had much more to lose, therefore, he was pressured by the LP officer to force his accomplice to please him. The LP officer was very satisfied with the result. Evidence registered on February 22, 2017.
September 27 at 4:19 p.m. - Case # 9685254 - Petty Theft - The LP officer observed that a suspect was trying to steal a designer vest with a value of $ 45.00. Once the theft was confirmed, the LP officer confronted the suspect before leaving the store. The suspect was added to the robbery database. The legal guardian (mother) was notified that the suspect was in custody. During the paperwork, the mother and the suspect were distressed; the agent of LP knows the suspect has a bright future and the consequences of the participation of the forces of order. The LP officer on duty decided not to prosecute the case after a lengthy interview process. Evidence registered on September 22, 2016.
December 13 at 7:03 p.m. - Case n. ° 8812457 - The suspect was offered a special restitution program for store robbers awaiting her participation in the trial. LP guided the suspect by the steps she would have to take and left a pretty good impression by not wanting to be a criminal for life. Evidence registered on December 13, 2017.
We have seen many chapters of Shoplyfter, but few with girls with curves as pronounced as Amilia Onyx, a young woman who can be defined as "alternative", but who has the same common denominator as the rest of the aunts who have passed through the little room of detainees, that is a hose! After catching her with several clothes tucked in her bag, Amilia is held and blackmailed, as usual a corrupt security guard humiliates her and proposes to solve the problem in her own way, wants to fuck her to proceed to the "here nothing has happened" , but is that Amilia is a lot of female, with those big and beautiful natural tits, and that ass of baker, uffff the golfa has a good polvazo, and thanks to this series we can enjoy it in action.
December 21st 1:27pm - Case #8182546 - Habitual Theft - Suspect was immediately recognized by retail staff. Suspect is a known thief with no regard for rules or the establishment. LP officer rushed in before suspect could abscond with merchandise. Suspect was taken to LP office for questioning, and disturbing information was uncovered. Suspect steals things not even needed just for the thrill. Suspect must be cleansed of her horrible habit. Anything LP officer threatened was taken with open arms. This thief was a lost cause, only a hardcore plan of action will be able to help her. Evidence logged on Dec 21, 2016.
December 7 at 4:47 p.m. - Case # 8459254 - Robbery: the suspect was caught in the jewelry hall trying to steal merchandise. Initially it was overlooked, but the associate described it as a flagrant lack of respect for the store's policies. The LP officer arrested the suspect but discovered that she was the daughter of the store owner. The suspect threatened the LP officer with being fired. The LP agent stood his ground and was stern with the suspect. Instead of involving the police, the LP officer felt it was better for him to leave this between himself and the owner. Maybe I could take him up a promotion for forgiveness. Evidence registered on November 7, 2016.
New chapter of this magnificent series called "Shoplyfter" where the beautiful blonde 18-year-old Alyce Anderson is caught in fragrant robbery in a clothing store, the modus operandi was the pillar garments and the meter directly in her bag, but the guard security could see it through the cameras and when Alyce has a way out of the store, the insurance to stop, asking someone to please accompany him to a room where other things are on sale, as usual, man Overcome with her knowing that she will not disclose it, taking advantage of the authority to sexually abuse her a change of not denouncing her! Eye to the little body of this girl, is not yet fully developed and it shows! 18-year-old thief fucked and humiliated!