Charityeed has been hooking up with Markus, The owner of a fashion magazine, on and off for about a year. He's done amazing things for her career but shes worried that he's losing interest. To keep him interested, she decides to bring alone another model with hopes to have a boost to her career.
Stunning Blake Eden is a sexy model from New York who is on a photoshoot for a summer catalogue. While working, she meets Jean, a sexy male model who is also there to take part. After a gruelling work schedule, she is chilling out by the pool when Jean decides to join her for a few drinks. They hit it off, talking and laughing and enjoying each others company. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and before long they are in each others arms, kissing passionately.
Lana Rhoades had recently moved to LA from Ohio and got a job as a PA to a famous French actor. She finds him charming and has a really big crush on him. When he leaves for a meeting, she is left to clear up his office. It is a really hot day and she decides to take a dip in his pool to cool off. Knowing this is completely unprofessional, she is feeling adventurous and takes the risk. When he comes back unannounced and finds her swimming naked, she is so shocked, but when he joins her in the pool, she knows exactly where this is heading.
Jillian Janson is parents are on vacation and she has the whole house to herself, so she has taken the day off school to chill out by the pool. Unfortunately, she forgot that her father has organised a driver to take her to school. When he tells her to get ready to leave, she begins to flirt with him outrageously, grabbing him and ripping at his clothes.
Ever Since Aidra Fox is mom got remarried, she has had the biggest crush on her stepbrother. She thinks about doing really bad things with him all the time, and she's caught him checking her out too. She knows she has to make the first move, and when their parents have arranged to take them to a baseball game, Aidra fakes feeling under the weather and suggests that her stepbrother stay with her in case she needs anything. They both know exactly what she will be needing when they are left alone.
To make some extra money, Mary Kalisy has been babysitting for wealthy families in IBIZA. She has her favorite ? the father is a bit of a flirt ? but to be honest, she has a crush on him too. Once his son is asleep she usually just relaxes on her phone, but today, since her shift is over, she decides to go for a swim in their pool. Of course, he comes home earlier than usual and his reaction is not something she expects.
Evelyn Claire is in her last year of college with the closing date for grad schools fast approaching. For her to get into her programme of choice she needs the best recommendation. Perfect grades are just not enough. Thankfully she is a teaching assistant to an internationally respected mathematician who can really pull a few strings and she is willing to give him preferencial treatment in order to get some back. She has noticed the sexual tension between them already, and she knows if she wants to make something happen, then she has to make the first move. When she makes it obvious what she has in mind, its not long before she has him exactly where she wants him, and is ready to show him just how motivated she is.
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Elsa Jean has been expelled from school for two school days for wearing inappropriate dress. His family has a personal chef born in France whom he has been admiring for some time. She never had the chance to find him completely alone, until now. When she asks his opinion about his attire, he admits that it is a bit annoying. This has the opportunity to take your crush to a new level, and what better place to do it than the kitchen.
Kimberly Moss has been dating a guy who likes the adventurer for a couple of months. She was pretty reserved until then, but he really opened her eyes. Her best friend has returned to the city and she has been staying with them in her country house, and she has discovered some things that she had when they went out together. He challenges her to undress and go to her friend's bed and give her a good awakening. This really excites her and she agrees very quickly.
Keisha Gray has been living with her best friend Jenny for some years. They met at the university and have not separated since then. What she does not know is that Keisha has been sleeping with her boyfriend for the past weeks. Connecting every time Jenny is at work, Keisha knows it's wrong, and there's been a very hot situation when Jenny returned unexpectedly. The morbidity that has given Keisha almost being trapped has made Keisha even more determined to continue with this matter.