Foxies Gold, Isabella Chrystin and Morgan Rodriguez [Fitness Rooms] (2017/)
After all those squats and pelvic uprisings, the ebony babe Isabella Chrystin feels tired and bored, and ready to go to the showers! On the other hand, Morgan Rodriguez has the perfect plan to spend the rest of his session: Find a place to do a private workout with the sexy blonde Foxies Gold! After some delicious kisses, Isabella's perfect tits become the focus for a warm up before the sexual act that evolves to rub her pussy and then undress. Increasing the intensity, the other two take Morgan to the floor and remove her panties to lick her pussy, with Foxies sitting on Morgan's face. In turn, each of them is eaten and caressed by the fingers until reaching an orgasm, and in the end, the trio leaves, satisfied with their relaxing and exciting session, and eager to meet again at the Sexyhub Gym.